Tissue Paper Design on Cardstock Paper

You will need:
-Index card/ Cardstock Paper
-Old tissue paper (3+ colors)
-Glue stick
-Liquid glue
-Disposable cup
-Disposable paint brush
1.) Cut a shape of your choice out from the cardstock paper
2.) Tear tissue paper into small pieces and set aside
3.) Using stick glue, glue pieces of tissue paper on your shape, overlapping the pieces and not minding going over the edge
4.) Using your scissors, trim excess tissue paper from the edges.
5.) In a disposable cup, mix 1 part liquid glue and 2 parts water to make a smooth glaze. Note: glaze should not be too thick but not too liquidy.
6.) Using a disposable paint brush, evenly paint a thin layer of glaze over your project.
7.) Let dry and if desired, glue onto a separate price of colored construction paper and cut about 0.5 inches thick around the perimeter of your shape to create a decorative border.


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